The RAV is a range of high quality and robust seating that has been designed for auditoriums & lecture theatres. This seat provides absolute comfort to the user. It is ergonomically designed for extended hours of seating and provides excellent back and seat support for maximum comfort. The RAV is individually mounted on a single pedestal, which provides complete flexibility in installation and ease in cleaning. Individual mounting reduces disturbance to neighbouring users and together with its silent tip-up mechanism, enhances the acoustics of the interior.


The RAV with JC TABLET is your ideal lecture theatre seat. Its robust foldaway writing tablet provides ease of working either on a large notebook or a writing pad. It’s a breeze to use by both right and left handers. Let the RAV with JC TABLET transform your interior space.


The RAV SLEEK is a slim but stylish seat that fits well with any interior space. Its robust foldaway JC Tablet provides ease of working either on a large notebook or a writing pad. It’s a breeze to use by both right and left handers. 


RAV REMIX is a range of modern design and technologically advanced auditorium seats. It provides the necessary support for maximum comfort. It is aesthetically and elegantly designed for today's modern auditoriums with fully laminated wood outer ply available in various color options to match the interior theme.


The RAV Remix can be paired with our CTA to transform your auditorium for seminars or lectures.  The CTA is a practical writing tablet concealed within the steel-framed side and intermediate panels. When not in use, it is neatly folded away.


The INSPIRA range is a great solution for auditoriums, arenas and suites in the education, sports and performing arts. Its features a padded, upholstered and an exposed wood outer back. The outer back panel exudes a sense of European touch and comfort. The INSPIRA range is designed for optimizing and taking the maximum advantage of space.


The POLO is a simple and elegant pedestal gravity fold up seat. The wide seat and armrests, ergonomically contoured backrest with good lumbar support provide comfortable seating for many hours. It features clean lines with an exposed wood outer. The tapered wood outer back and horizontal upholstery design adds a high level of sophistication to the POLO. 

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