The Integra is a versatile seating range designed for stadiums, arenas, performing arts venues and auditoriums. It can be used outdoors or indoors. Integra can also be specified on low rise telescopic platforms.  Its understructure design enables quick installation & replacement of entire seat modules, on-site forming to radius, infinite seat spacing and easy configuration with a wide range of riser and tread mount options. Gas injection molding technology is used to create a ridged perimeter to the seat and backrest components which provides unparalleled strength and durability. It is available in 17 attractive color selections, with options for padding in vinyl or fabric. With a wide range of options & accessories, the Integra is a favorite amongst leading stadium and arena facilities worldwide.


The Integra IT223 is a high back version of the Integra range and offers a premium level of comfort and aesthetics while retaining the key advantages of the Integra range of seating.


If you are looking for traditional materials and finishes, more typically associated with theatre, conference centres and other interior spaces, Decra gives you just that. With a seat and backrest manufactured from sturdy, high quality plywood, Decra can be specified in a range of real wood veneers or upholstered in a range of interior fabrics. Decra can be supplied on telescopic or into fixed applications, and is available with the full range of Integra armrests and accessories


The Integra 253 is a hybrid Integra model that offers the extra comfort of a thicker seat cushion padding and the practicality of a padded plastic shell for the backrest. This make it ideal for auditoriums, lecture theatres or indoor performance venues.


The Integra IT263 goes one step further on the IT253 by providing a padded high back that brings the seat to a VIP level. The plastic shell at the lower back protects the seat from dirt and damage while the high backrest offers the level of comfort found in conventional type auditorium seating. Its small seat envelope gives it an advantage over standard auditorium seat designs in very tight interior spaces.


The Centura range is applicable to both stadiums and arena environments. The unit comprises of a seat and backrest moulded from premium grade polypropylene co-polymer. Gas injection moulding technology is used to create a ridged perimeter to the seat and backrest components which provides unparalleled strength and durability. Spring housings and backrest supports are injection moulded from glass reinforced polyamide, and the assembly is designed so that there is no visible fixing hardware. Centura has one of the most compact ‘envelopes’ on the market ensuring the maximum egress space between rows of seats.


NOMAD is an ultra compact & ultra slim tip-up seat with a lightweight, durable aluminum & polymer construction. Its very small seat envelope makes it ideal for tight spaces. Its quick mounting system enables the Nomad to be secured & removed quickly & makes it ideal for temporary seating structures. It is equally competent as a floor or wall mounted ultra slim seat. The aluminum extrusion mounting allows flexibility in configuration. Seats can be spaced closer or further apart to suit the application. It can also be floor or wall mounted. Its compact storage without special stillages makes it easy to deploy & easy to store away with minimal storage space.


We offer high quality retractable seating systems with the latest in knowhow and technology. Whether in sports or educational facilities, wall mounted or portable, we have a retractable system that fits your needs. Our retractable systems have proven durability and stability over extended periods. 

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